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5 Unbelievable Places in the World That Actually Exist

While on the quest for Unbelievable Places to visit, many people all over the world fail miserably. To crown it all, some actually think that it should be some kind of eatery or maybe a restaurant for it to be a cool chill-out.

Meanwhile, this world is full of so many wonders in the spate of discovering new and reliable Unbelievable Places to visit.

These discoveries are done whether by professional photographers or amateurs.

The different geographical locations, the climatic conditions and even the season’s offer the widest variety of natural wonders.

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Some of these places are listed below;

Unbelievable Places in the World That Actually Exist

1. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine:

Tunnel of love is one of the most exciting and romantic places in Ukraine. It is located in the city of Ukraine. It is a railway line 3 km long surrounded by trees like a tunnel.

The passage of the trains caused the formation of this tunnel. The arboreal corridor of Ukraine attracts mainly photographers and lovers.

2. Mount Roraima, South America:

Mount Roraima is a flat-topped mountain located between the border of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana. Mount Roraima is also one of the older geographical formations on Earth.

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The 9-mile long mountain consists of 400-meter-high cliffs on all sides. It rains almost every day and, therefore, many higher waterfalls are also found at the top of this mountain. The unique landscape is also home to many rare plants in the worlds.

3. Tianzi Mountains, China:

Tianzi Mountain located in Hunan province of China. It covers a totals area of 16650 acres. “Tianzi” word means “Son of heaven.”

The mountain range is also popular for its thousands of legendary peaks. The highest peak of the mountain range is 1262 meters above sea level.

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It is also known as the Monarch of the Peak Forest. Each peak of the Tianzi Mountains offers an impressive view through scenic rocks and plants at the top. The floating clouds, the glow of the moonlight, the reflection of the sun are also other views of the Tianzi Mountains.

4. Son Doong Cave, Vietnam:

The cave of Son Doong is the largest cave ever discovered. This massive cave located in the Quang Binh province of Vietnam.

The word “Son Doon” means cave of the mountain river. It was formed by the decomposition of limestone under the mountain by the continuous action of river water about 3-5 million years ago. The cave continues to face erosion and continues to remodel over time.

Also, the cave of Son Doong is 200 meters wide, 150 meters high and 9 kilometers long. BBC officially titled the cave of Son Doong as “the most beautiful cave on the planet”. It is also part of the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park and is believed to be open to the public shortly.

5. Ice Caves, Chile:

Chile’s ice caves are famous as the most spectacular network of ice and marble caves in the world. The ice cave full of water located in Patagonia in Chile. These beautiful ice caves are formed by the continuous action of water for thousands of years.

The network of caves also called marble caves due to its unusual formation. Turtle water of the General Carrere Lake through the network of caves also produces a beautiful reflection of light.



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