The Toei Animation announces new Dragonball heroes anime series

While everyone talks about the sequel of Dragon ball super, the japanese company Toei Animation caught everyone by surprise announcing a new series entitled Dragonball heroes. This universe consists of a melting pot of fan service, where all the fantasies of the fans can be realized (Broly Super Saiyan 4, Gohan Super Saiyan 3 … ).

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After the game the series

DBH will be based on the first two arcs of the video game, namely Universe Mission and Planet Prison. The synopsis of the latter was revealed by the official website of the anime (entirely in Japanese). The starting point is a new arrival of Trunks of the future on the Earth of Universe 7 while his father and Son Goku are training hard. He tries to warn them of imminent danger but disappears suddenly without any explanation. In his place comes a new character, Fu, who will be the great antagonist of Dragon Ball Heroes.

We will follow the story of a young hero who discovers his Saiyan origins. Eventually he will meet protagonists from Akira Toriyama’s work (Goku and Trunks) to help them fight the bad guys.

Broly Dragonball heroes


Fu is the son of Mira and Towa, nephew of Dabra and legitimate descendant of the kingdom of Darkness. He is as powerful as his father and intelligent as his mother, making him a formidable opponent, especially in sword fighting.

For now, it is not expected that Dragon Ball Heroes will be broadcast on Japanese television. The first episode will be shown on July 1 at the Aeon Lake Town Mall in Koshigaya. It should then be available on the official website of the anime.

However there is a problem with the idea of this new series as the universe proposed by the latter is non-canon. For those who don’t know, it means that everything told in Dragonball heroes is not part of the original history created by Toriyama which includes : Dragonball, Dragonball Z and finally Dragonball Super.

Some questions are raised as everyone is waiting for the new Dragonball movie expected for the end of the year.

Will the Dragonball Super sequel be suspended temporarily while Heroes is being made? A parallel project by different studios and teams potentially? Finally will the producers respect the original artwork and make Dragonball Heroes non-canon?

Many questions that will probably find answers in the next hours or days ! Stay tuned. 


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