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5 Most Craziest Footballers of All Time

I know you might see it awful to hear that there are Most Craziest Footballers of all time. Now football, aside from being a fun-type of sports, could most times, be very crazy.

You see soccer starts, nagging. That’s funny thought, and most times, you could see even goal keepers trying to punch the referee or perhaps any of the officials.

There are numerous footballers, who were tagged crazy. Most Craziest Footballers of all time, are incredibly super crazy when it comes to football.

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They have got all it takes, they wouldn’t mind removing their undees even on the pitch. That’s awful right?

A crazy player is more likely to stick their head in dangerous areas to win the ball, put in tackles that others would shy away from and of course try audacious efforts that are so crazy, that they might just actually work.

A slightly wild player will also be able to fire up the dressing room, pump up the crowd and get into their opponents head. This is one side of the coin.

Most Craziest Footballers

Just as I said earlier on this content, there are numerous Most Craziest Footballers in the game of football, below is the list of the top 5 Most Craziest Footballers of all time.

1. Pepe

Pepe strikes fear into just about everyone he encounters, as history has proven that he could flip at any given moment. A tirade of verbal abuse is the best you could hope for, as he has frequently lashed out and acted almost like an animal towards opponents.

He received a 10 match ban, but this has done little to curtail his actions as he still seems on the brink of exploding with rage in each game.

2. Diego Maradona

One of the sport’s greatest talents and biggest characters, Diego Maradona has a long history of crazy behavior both on and off the pitch.

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A few of his eye-catching antics include firing an air rifle at reporters outside his house, his astonishing and disgraceful kicking rampage against Athletic Bilbao, his wild celebration in front of the camera where his pupils gave away his drug use (cocaine), and of course the “hand of god” in the 1986 World Cup where he intentionally used his hand to score a decisive goal against England and then claimed it was revenge for the Falklands War. Due to his crazy antics, Maradona is never far away from the headlines.

3. Vinnie Jones

These days Vinnie Jones is best remembered as a “Hollywood Hard Man”, but prior to this he wasn’t pretending to be intimidating and he was famous for his crazy behavior on the pitch.

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Jones was the key figure in the Wimbledon team that became known as the “Crazy Gang”, and they were named this due to their wild, physical and unorganized style of play in addition to their eccentric behavior.

Jones was sent off a whopping 12 times in his career and players feared coming up against him. One lasting image is of Jones grabbing fellow crazy man Paul Gascoigne’s testicles while defending him in an F.A Cup tie. Jones claims the pair have a spiritual connection; he sure has a funny way of showing it.

4. Mario Balotelli

Although he has had a disastrous spell at Liverpool, Balotelli has managed to (largely) stay out of the headlines this season. Throughout his career he has famously made the headlines for all kinds of crazy antics, both on and off the pitch.

Over the years, Super Mario has astonished the football world by smoking in the bathroom of a train, getting into a training ground skirmish with his manager, throwing darts at youth players, setting off fireworks in his bathroom and plenty more bizarre antics.

Love him or hate him, there is no denying that he is one of the craziest players of all time and he certainly keeps the newspapers busy.

5. Joey Barton

Similarly to Balotelli, Joey Barton has a knack for making the headlines for some pretty crazy behavior. Barton also has a nasty violent streak in him that makes him crazier than most, and this disgraceful acts such as assaulting a man and a teenager, assaulting a teammate that resulted in a detached retina, attempting to beat up three Man City players and putting a cigarette out on a youth player.

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His ramblings on Twitter are something to behold as he sees himself as some kind of philosopher, but as entertaining as he can be, it is important to remember that Barton has acted despicably in the past and he has a lot of craziness in him.

Did these answer your question of “who are the most craziest footballers of all time?”

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