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A man charms his own wife with a fake facebook profile and gets a rendez-vous at a hotel room

The wife of this man has created a Facebook and Whatsapp account with the phone number known by all her relatives. However she did not know that her husband was on these social networks too but with a private number, which means a number he did not give to any relatives.

The husband used fake names and photos on both facebook and whatsapp. One day wanting to test the loyalty of his beloved, he decided to send her a friend request which she accepted immediately quite surprisingly. After being given her phone number he continued to flirt with her on both social networks.

She ended up accepting

Both of them exchanged for long everyday. Till now the wife ignored completely that she was dealing with her own husband. In contrast he knew everything since the wife used her real photo as profile picture and she did not hide her address neither. Trying to dig further, the husband asked her for photos of her … hum you know what (boobies and all). To his greatest disappointment she played the game. Each day she sent more daring ones and frustration started to kill the husband a little more.

<< My love you are really beautiful, i can’t stand it anymore. I need to invite your for a diner >> said the hidden husband. << My dear prince charming i’m all yours >> said the wife. So i will ask you to join me at the hotel Ca…… in L…… town at 7.30 pm. 

Her: OK, no problem my prince charming. The woman was quick to cook and gave a phone call to her husband on his real phone number, still ignorant that the latter was the one she unknowingly called his prince charming. She invented a supposed visit to her grandmother’s place in the evening but does not think she can be back until the next day. She added: I made you to eat and everything is ready on the dining table. Him: My darling, there is no problem go ahead.  The husband quickly left a little before the appointment time at the hotel.

The meetup

He took a well-oriented room and warned the hostesses of the coming of such person on his behalf. Finally he sends a text message to tell her that he is already at the hotel in the air-conditioned room no. 25. Immediately the woman ran to take a taxi to join him. Upon arrival at the hotel a hostess takes her to the room. She opens the door: Surprise and disillusion. She discovers her husband lying on the bed. Honey, what are you looking for here? It’s here at your grandmother’s place?

The woman dazed, replied: What about you, what are you looking for here? The husband turned on his mobile phone and this was the beginning of the revelations, he showed him the conversations, the photos and so on. After a many quarrels and explanations the husband decided that he would forgive her anyway. However he asked her not to this kind of things again. 

What would you have done if you were in the husband’s place? I’ve got no doubt that our community is made only of champion seeds. No forgiving huh? 


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