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Eminem – Kamikaze Diss List

Eminem - Kamikaze

The kamikaze – Eminem

Rapper Eminem potentially one of the biggest lyricists alive just caused a brawl in the rap universe. Cause and effect of the surprise album titled ‘Kamikaze‘ (stylized as KAMIKAZƎ), released on 31st August 2018. Furthermore the album broke U.K charts records for the most consecutive No. 1 albums!

More importantly about this, the Slim Shady took shots at an unbelievable amount of rappers and popular personalities. From Donald Trump, The Migos, Lil Wayne and even Drake, it seems like not one escaped Slim Shady’s destructive pen. You can find a detailed list of the targets below.

The hit list

Song : Kamikaze

  • Drake
  • All other white rappers

Song : The Ringer

  • Vince Staples (Long Beach rapper)
  • Lil Pump and Lil Xan
  • Charlamagne tha God (US radio and tv personality)
  • Donald Trump
  • Joe Budden
  • Lil yachty

Songs : Lucky You, Not Alike

  • Mumble rappers
  • Migos
  • Machine Gun Kelly (MGK)

Song : Nice Guy

  • Kim (His ex-wife)

Song : Greatest

  • Ja Rule
  • Token
  • Die Antwoord

Song : Fall

  • Charlamagne tha God (One more time)
  • Joe Budden (Also one more time)
  • Lil Wayne
  • Kanye West
  • Pitchfork
  • The Grammy awards
  • Lord Jamar
  • DJ Akademiks
  • Tyler and The Creator
  • Earl Sweatshirt Drake (One more time)

Everything you need to know

(MGK) Machine Gun Kelly’s reply

The young rapper took the Battle Axe and replied violently to Eminem’s “Not Alike” song with his “Rap Devil” diss. While this reply seems like one of MGK’s best tracks, others think that it was a very stupid idea of his to go against the Slim Shady.

For those who don’t know – Why rappers are terrified to diss eminem

If there is one rapper every artist made sure not to mention in a diss track till now, it’s Eminem. The detroit rapper is one of the untouchables in the rap industry. Most noteworthy he destroyed some on the scariest diss rappers like Canibus and Benzino. Similarly for pop stars like Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, rapper Nick Canon and even powerful politicians like Bill Clinton and Donald Trump (previously).

The Power superstar 50 Cent posted the following line as a meme on instagram, making reference to Eminem’s album.

Believe in restoring the game. Even if it means destroying all the players. 50 Cent 

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This is what they should have did for the campaign. 🤨 get the strap #lecheminduroi

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