Common Challenges Young People Encounter

Challenges Young People Encounter
Challenges Young People Encounter

There are so many Challenges Young People Encounter in our recent generation. In addition to this, the alarming rate of youthful exuberance has become something you can’t write about with ease.

On daily basis, youths encounter common or similar challenges; most could be personal issues or public related issue but the major fact still remains that they really encounter these challenges I am about to unveil to you guys.

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Most prefer to share some of their challenges to their friends and peer groups while many choose not to. What we should really talk about on this thread is those similar facts and challenges that our today youths encounter.

Below are some of the challenges I can vividly say are the major challenges youths have nowadays;


Low Self Esteem:

This very challenge has killed so many youths before they realize it. Low self-esteem is really affecting so many youths of our time.

Many youths now are at the peak of leaving their education, depressed, feeling devalued amongst peers and others.

Added to this, so many young people are swimming on the ocean of this very error. This low self-esteem is otherwise tagged Inferiority Complex.

Peer Pressure Influence:

Peer pressure influence is one of the major challenges a good number of youth faces today. When they can’t say no, it’s probably because of the pressure forced into them by their fellow friends and peers.

Youths most of the time do what they do not want to, they say what they did not want to, and we kept asking ourselves why? Finished with a good and reasonable deduction in this matter, I’d rather say that it is caused by peer pressure.

When we talk about this, always know that everybody on this planet earth is influence-able. Yeah, every man can be influenced no matter how principled you may be.

Sexual Harassment: 

Sexual harassment is another key challenge youths face. Nowadays, girls specified; face this as a common challenge here in our days.

On several occasions, girls encounter this as a major challenge, they always had this in common and most times they hide such to her friends and parents.

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Poor Performace In Education

Young people hardly tell their parents about their low performances in college than when they do with their good grades.

Poor grades are hardly told to our fellows and this is one of the challenge young people encounters.

Because they are not so bold and confident in presenting their poor results to their parents and guardians. All these are on the list of the challenges they face today.

Marital Choice:

Yeah! choice of whom to marry is actually one of the challenges young people encounter in recent times. In previous years, marital issues was never a problem or perhaps as not reckoned to be a difficult task.

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But recently, many young youths, have seen it as a very big problem and a great challenge that needs to be tackled. So marital choice is one of the challenge young people face today.


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