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C18 Personality Analysis – DBZ or future

C18 real personality

1st Point: Are C17 and C18 the same in the future as in the present?  I’ll answer yes. Why ?

In the future and the present, Dr Gero awoke them and was murdered by them. The things that changed the course of history are Cell that came much later in the future to absorb them and C16 who does not appear in the future and of course the coming of trunks that will change everything.

C17 and C18 have a rather funny relationship, they get along well as brother and sister they are kidnapped and made cyborgs. Imagine that you have a phenomenal power you are the most powerful in the universe … The first thing is to rob stores. (That’s what they did because there is no C16 put them back on the right path. The cyborgs of the Future are deep in their delirium, they are the strongest of the universe, they kill people, steal clothes etc … In short they have fun being the most powerful in the world.
Elsewhere C18 looks very happy when she is with her brother. We see them laugh a lot in the anime. :Hihi:

Would the cyborgs kill Son Goku if they had time?

Yes. It’s a delirium for them. C17 likes hunting, he would have fun watching his prey before killing him, he could let Son Goku escape while C18 is does not like weak men. As she says they are vain and will not waste her time giving Goku a chance, taking the risk that he will become stronger and manage to fight them. So in the end they might have been allowed to run away for a few minutes as they usually do before finishing it off with Ki blasts.

Is C18 in love with Krillin?

Well, C18 has a very strong personality, even if she does not show it in the anime. In fact she is very playful, like her brother. The kiss she made krillin at their first meeting was a kiss of seduction. She wanted to destabilize Krillin … A real seducer. : Love:

Why do they get married then?

Krillin saved the life of C18 and showed him that he was in love with her by breaking the bomb switch on the inside of C18. Besides, she was very surprised, having in mind C18 does not trust men. It shows, she is always on the defensive… !!

When Cell spits out C18 krillin takes her in his arms and brings her to safety. She wakes up and is angry after him and screams at him !!! :mmm: After calming down she said to him: “to the next bye”

New lifestyle

Next she went to see her brother C17! They had to talk to each other and C17 must have wanted to stop fighting, he had to explain to C18 that they were far from being the strongest and it is useless to destroy everything… It would be prefersble to have a normal life and live his passion hunting animals! :Wtf:

However C18 did not have any passion apart from getting dressed and she must have felt lost without her twin brother! C17 has no problem to live alone without her sister, but C18 is weaker sentimentally that’s why she’s on the defensive… She’s back to see Krillin, BY DEPIT! :Wtf:
She surely likes him… but it’s probably not the man of her life. However she does not realise it. Moreover C18 speaks to Krillin like a s**t. He must be annoying to her! :Ha:

Besides after she got married, she almost never smile. She had a baby and got even more on the defensive. She does not go crazy like before and besides she is bored. That’s why she’s doing the martial arts tournaments and asking Mr. Satan for $50 million. (In Dbz the call of the destiny at the end of C18 declares that she is bored and in the anime one we can clearly see it).

C18 Blinking

C18’s relationships

No DBZ Heroes are friends with C18. She is too good for them. She started with krillin because he saved her and had the courage to tell him that he loved her … C18 was disgusted by men at that time, they were all vain for her except Krillin! At last she found a sincere man and one who does not take it for a f**l !

Krillin is very nice, but does not make her happy …. he’s not badass enough. I do not speak of dragon ball GT because they have changed her personality so it’s not the same as in the Z (Moreover Akira toriama would never chose this style of clothing for her, neither her haircut).

To conclude C18 is unhappy with Krillin, she needs to be protected and not protect a guy! In short, C18 is a rare pearl, a gemstone: hence her name: “Lazuli or Azur (from Latin)”

If you see her … Tell her to divorce please! THANK YOU :hihi:

Article to take at second degree of course. Detailed by someone who’s determined she’s C18’s alter ego. :laughs:


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