The 6 Best Places To Travel In 2019

If you are looking for the Best Places to Travel in 2019, there are so many recommendations we can render on this very content.

I will say that there are few places one could stay relaxed and possibly have fun too.

For that very issue, what we are talking about and should be anchoring is the Best Places to Travel in 2019.

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The 6 Best Places To Travel In 2019

From our previous and subsequent research, we’ve been able to come up with a special list of the best places to travel in 2019.

1. Iguazú Falls, Argentina And Brazil

The Iguazú Falls in Argentina and Brazil is actually one of the best places we can recommend for you.

When we talk about the best places to travel in 2019, I think the Iguazu Falls should definitely fall into the list.

To better accommodate the millions who visit Iguazú Falls, a UNESCO site of 275 mighty waterfalls straddling the border of Argentina and Brazil, nearby Cataratas del Iguazú Airport is being modernized and enlarged.

Also within Iguazú National Park, the Ecological Jungle Train, which takes visitors on a 25-minute journey to the epic Devil’s Throat cascade, is converting from gas to environmentally friendly electric trains.

2. Montenegro

Still, on the same list (Best places to travel in 2019), Montenegro should be one of the rated on the list.

The ancient city of Kotor is already attracting plenty of visitors, like the celebrities vacationing at luxurious boutique, hotel forza Terra, just outside the medieval walls, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of cruisers who’ve arrived with companies like Viking, Celebrity, and Princess.

3. Toronto, Canada

Toronto Canada, with its recent 150th anniversary celebration, pop-culture cred (Drake, Ryan Gosling, and Justin Bieber have Canadian roots), and charismatic prime minister, the Great White North has finally begun to receive the international recognition it deserves and Toronto has been preening itself for this lead role.

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So from this, Toronto Canada should be a better optino for your travel places in 2019.

4. Valletta, Malta

A picture-perfect trio of islands lapped by turquoise waters, the Maltese archipelago has all the charm of nearby Sicily with far fewer tourists.

Valletta, the tiny nation’s capital and a UNESCO World Heritage site, feels like something plucked straight from Westeros. The historic walled city dates back to 1565, and has a vibe that’s Mediterranean with a North African twist.

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

This year, Buenos Aires becomes a hub for art, sports, and politics: the inaugural Art Basel Cities program, the Youth Olympic Games, and the G20 will all take place in the city, beginning with the multi-year Art Basel initiative.

Though the Argentinean capital is already home to an eclectic collection of galleries, Art Basel Cities promises to elevate Buenos Aires’ reputation in the global art scene by offering professional support for local artists, as well as lectures and workshops throughout the year to draw art lovers to the city.

6. Los Cabos, Mexico

Located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, the two small colonial towns of Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo have become the hottest vacation destinations in Mexico in recent years.

Also, with wide, pristine beaches, lively nightclubs, glam resorts, and a farm-to-table food scene, the oasis of Los Cabos is drawing tourists in record numbers.

As a result, the hotel scene is booming, with a clutch of new developments and renovations completed this year along the Tourist Corridor, including the sleek Chileno Bay, an Auberge Resort, and a stunning beachfront Solaz resort.

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