10 World’s Scariest Bridges – You Should Really See Them

Bridges could be very scary most times depending on its structure. Meanwhile, there are several bridges all over the world, their general purpose is to secure a crossover option in certain places and areas. Some of these bridges are like tracks to a quick death. Funny you think? Yeah, they are for the bravest and the fainthearted will just see shortcuts to death and trips to injuries. Now, do you have fear of heights? Does the idea of traversing a rickety old bridge upon the mountains make you sweat? YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: 10 Most Dangerous Creatures On Earth If so, then be prepared for what you’re about to see below. In the 10 pictures that follow, you’re going to get an up-close and personal look at some of the scariest bridges in the entire world.

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World’s Scariest Bridges

From bridges with a glass bottom to others that seem like they’re just barely structurally sound, these bridges are downright frightening! So, prepare for bouts of vertigo, and let’s take a look.

1. Aiguille du Midi Bridge (France):

Aiguille du Midi Bridge is one of the world scariest bridges and it is located in France to be precise. All the way up in the Alps, this bridge may be short compared to others on this list, but it more than makes up for it through its ability to induce bouts of vertigo.

2. Puente de Ojuela (Mexico):

Also one of the scariest bridges recorded in the world at large is the Puente de Ojuela and you can find it in Mexico. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: Here Are The Top 8 Famous Short Quotes You Must Know This particular bridge was built in order to sustain a former mining colony. Added to that, this very terrifying pedestrian bridge was actually designed by the same persons who designed the Brooklyn Bridge, which can also be scary in its own way.

3. Canopy Walk (Ghana):

Here is comes another scary bridge which was listed as one of the world’s scariest bridges in the world at large. This thin bridge swings from treetop to treetop, giving those brave enough to traverse it the chance to see some wild creatures.

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